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Boho wedding photographer Rome

Andrea Di Giampasquale, outdoor wedding photographer in Rome

Boho wedding photographer In Rome

I love my job, it is possible to meet new people and to shoot moments of pure love through my camera lens: I am a wedding photographer based between Umbria, Lazio e Romebut I love travelling in Italy and abroad. Naturalness is a fundamental element of my photoshoots. For this reason, if you are looking for a boho wedding photographer in Rome just turn to me: boho trend, very popular in recent years, allows me to shoot in unforgettable locations with truly suggestive landscapes. A chic boho wedding takes always place outdoor: a woodland, a garden, in the open countryside or on the beach, the roof must be the sky. 

Rome is perfect to get married outdoor, thanks to its cities full of history, colours and scents. If you are looking for an outdoor wedding photographer in Rome, you can count on me: I am a true expert of Rome and I will suggest the best location for your wedding. Boho wedding requires decorations marked by nature to create an authentic, magical atmosphere out of time: candles, woods, flowers are the eye-catching details who will conquer hearts. Discover my portfolio: unique tales of love stories that will last forever! Boho wedding photographer in Rome? Contact me and check out if I am available from now!



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