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Civil wedding photographer Tuscany

Andrea Di Giampasquale, civil wedding photographer in Tuscany


Nowadays more and more couples choose a civil wedding in Tuscany . This happens because Tuscany is a gorgeous place to get married, while civil wedding reflects contemporary habits and customs as well. Whether it is a spiritual choice to avoid religious ceremony or a forced decision, for example a second wedding, it doesn’t matter: what counts is organizing a civil wedding in Tuscany worthy of your love.

If you are looking for a civil wedding photographer in Tuscany contact me: I live on the borderline between Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, as I love Italy more than ever. I also love travelling and I am always happy to realize wedding photoshoots for Italian or foreigners brides and grooms, coming from all around the globe. My experience is completely at your disposal to create something really exclusive.

Let your fantasy go and try to imagine your civil wedding in Tuscany: how would you like that? Which atmosphere would you prefer? A civil wedding in Tuscany can be celebrated in a city Hall, in a dedicated room, or in an outdoor space. Unlike religious ceremony, the civil one are way more customizable. Any example? If you are dreaming of a romantic wedding, nothing prevents you from choosing a white, voluminous dress; but if you want an unconventional marriage, the dress can be short, transparent, whimsical. While religious ceremonies oblige brides and grooms to respect the rules, civil weddings always mean freedom. You could also personalise your civil wedding in Tuscany with chants, poems, speeches which deliver all the beauty of your love loudly, with heart in hand.

I will be glad to tell the story of your unforgettable day with a photoshoot up to expectations. I know Tuscany by heart as well as I am specialized in photoshoots for couples: I love to shoot love stories and make them last forever. During my activities at weddings, it is important that brides and grooms feel perfectly comfortable, free to express themselves, to unveil their authentic love. Take a look at my portfolio: I tell love stories through spontaneous gestures, natural lights, catching involving moments lived with intense emotions.

Choose your favourite cities in Tuscany and organize a civil wedding in Tuscany up to your dreams! If you are looking for a civil wedding photographer in Tuscany , contact me now!



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