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Elopement photographer in Positano, one of the most romantic places in the world

The ancient, historical roots of the city are mixed together with nowadays lifestyle and glamour: the result is a dream place, a unique setting for a photo shoot. f you are willing to elope in Positano and you need an elopement photographer, I am here ready to assist you in every aspect of the event. Choosing the location, suggesting the setting of the photo shoot, assisting with decorations are all ordinary activities to me, but there is something more. Once you choose Andrea Di Giampasquale, you do not simply pick up a destination elopement in Positano: you ensure unforgettable and everlasting memories caught by my camera lens. Thanks to my experience, tailoring photoshoots to the very own personality of the couples has become the real strength of my service of elopement photographer in Positano. I love and look for the purity that lives within your love: nothing is written, every story will be created for you.

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Weddings & Lifestyle Photography

There are no rules or plans when I photograph weddings. There is only the essence and uniqueness of a sentiment between two people. Living fully and being overwhelmed by love, allows me to identify with and tell the unicity of that day, digging into the souls and bringing out a true and incomparable beauty.

It will remain an everlasting memory of a moment, of a look, that will be engraved in time.

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