Wedding in Villa Catignano

Wedding in Villa Catignano

An charming story of a wedding in Villa Catignano

Daniella and Lucas chose to celebrate their wedding in Villa Catignano, one of the most popular venues in Siena province and in Tuscany.

It is an historic home of great character and historical interest. It preserves and repurposes the aristocratic feel that has defined a style over the centuries, worldwide. Framed by the beautiful Italian garden, the Villa and the Farm offer the best hospitality in Tuscany, because of the quality of the scrupulously typical environments.

In the Villa, every scent, every view, even in the most casual of glimpses echoes the noble elegance of a centuries-old history. History that the bride and groom will experience and cannot forget.

I met the lovely Daniella and Lucas thanks to Tracey of Lusso Event, an extremely skilled wedding planner who helped them with the full organization of their wedding in Villa Catignano. In love with Tuscany, they were so impressed with the Villa that they spent a few days there before their wedding, and stayed there some time afterwards as well.

I had the pleasure of working with these two guys, kind-hearted and sensitive to everything around them. They were extremely grateful to have celebrated their wedding in a fairytale location like Villa Catignano, and I was happy to have had the opportunity to get to know them and tell the story of their day.

The feelings of doing my job are always indescribable, but I always hope they are also conveyed by looking at the images of a unique day like Daniella and Lucas'.

Here is the List of all who helped make this wedding in Villa Catignano unique:

VenueVilla Catignano
PlanningLusso Event
Film: WhiteLife Studio
FlowersFlowers Living
Make UpKarina Make-Up
Food: Italian Taste Lodovichi
Stationary: Peg and Co.
AudioAudio Visual Siena

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