Wedding on the Tuscany beach

I met Francesco and Laura the first time when Laura was still pregnant. It was lovely to hear something about their story and their wedding on the Tuscany beach, before they chose me as photographer. After some months, the wedding. They were both smiling and happy to crown their love. It was an amazing wedding on the Tuscany beach, in September. It’s always great for me to know something about people I work with, I think because of my task the wedding day, that’s create a story that represents the facts but also the most personal behaviors of the people.

A special thanks to my dear friend and colleague, Daniele Torella.
Location: Capalbio, Toscana, Italy
Ambient Design and Florist: Fioreria Roserosse
Ceremony: Chiesa San Pietro, Tuscania, Viterbo
Catering: Enoteca La Torre
Design by: Paper-Pow

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