Some Words

Hey !
I’m Andrea Di Giampasquale, an Italian wedding and travel photographer. From the first time I started to work with couples I understood how strong can be the real love between two people. I love my work, because I can be a part of it. My major source of inspiration is the Journey. I love to travelexploreventure everywhere. I love Nature in all its forms and the extreme contact with it. Capturing moments and creating memories is what I do. And I want to be part of your love journey. Let’s create together something unique and beautiful. I feel the need to travel the world so no matter where you are from or where you want to go, I will follow you everywhere.

I started photographing weddings casually and found myself in a narrative whirlwind of emotions
that I can not get out

To live most of my life with people I love.
To know that true love will never fade.
To be aware that there’s always something
amazing in the world.

Thankful For

Things I LOVE