Kind Word

“Andrea was exceptional, he was quick and professional a message to the e-mails and all the little questions we had. On the day of the wedding, Andrea was early, discreet and organized, making music sound and without missing a beat Andrea pulled out the phone and saved the day, and captured perfect day When I look at the photos it’s so easy to relive the day, I highly recommend choosing Andrea as a photographer, if you can! “

“We have just received our pictures and we love them! We wanted more abstract and sincere photos and did a fantastic job! Even though it was present all day, it was very respectful of our space and not intrusive making it a very relaxing experience. to also download all the photos in different resolutions, which is great! “

“We were amazed by this photo gallery, which made us relive the day of our wedding in a perfect way.You have a great talent and we never expected to have captured some of the most intimate moments of that special day through images. so happy and we want to thank you from the bottom of your heart for your professionalism and your ability to camouflage in Croatian and be able to capture all those good moments.Thank you so much to be sure that we will always be able to relive and never forget all the beautiful details of day of our wedding “

“Andrea made our special day fantastic! He was so friendly and humble and made us feel at ease, he gave us a great direction and he also took our requests into consideration.” The shots he did are incredible and he completely captured the emotion and the essence of our time together A thousand thanks Andrea !!! “

Civil wedding photographer Rome

“We got married in Rome, but we live abroad, looking on the Internet to choose a wedding photographer, we chose Andrea for our wedding photos and we are happy to have done it, it was easy to communicate with Andrea before and after the wedding. very responsive to all our questions. On the day of the wedding it was easy and fun to work with him. Andrea was very discreet during the preparation and the ceremony. After we went to take pictures in different parts of the city. camera we found Andrea’s natural style perfect for us, Andrea has taken beautiful pictures of our wedding that will leave us incredible memories of this special day. We loved the composition, the angle and the style of his photos. better with a nice color treatment and effects Andrea is a brilliant photographer that we highly recommend “

“When the stress of planning a wedding became excessive and my husband and I decided that we would have fled to Italy, I knew that the first thing I wanted was to find a photographer, because we live in the United States, I was worried it would be difficult to find a photographer who suited to our style and I was pleasantly surprised when Andrea’s photo page was the first one I came across when I looked at the online photographers, I looked at some albums on his blog and I immediately realized that he was the perfect photographer for him ‘I contacted and in one day answered my request. Andrea was easy to communicate and was always ready with her answers. On our wedding day, Andrea was great to work with. In our grades, we did not have Andrea’s natural style was perfect for us, captured moments and spontaneous expressions that can not be matched by posing photographs. rnata every time we look at our photos. It was a pleasure to work with Andrea and I highly recommend it. You can not go wrong “

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